Over time, we have learned the benefits of broad economic analysis, as this lends valuable insight to portfolio strategy. We assess likely structural shifts, because of their potential to cause major realignments in equity and money markets. This is fundamental to our process of consistent, competitive money management.

Structural shifts in the economy are often gradual and rarely obvious. Yet they represent the future, which economic markets continually discount. In the volatile markets of recent years, it has become essential to identify the stages at which gradual change is accelerating, producing shifts in economic environments. These changed environments can be depended upon to revise the performance of highly profitable industries and the selection of rewarding investment options.

Successful portfolio management requires an important further step. We have defined this as our portfolio profiles analysis. Experience shows that the stocks within various profile groups tend to respond to varying economic conditions. Our process is designed to yield competitive results by carefully weighting portfolio profiles to coincide with changing economic environments.