Personalized Investment Management

The original Drexel Morgan & Co. was founded in the mid-1800s by Anthony J. Drexel with his protégé and partner, J. Pierpont Morgan. After Drexel’s death, the company reorganized in 1895 and became J.P. Morgan & Co., one of the original predecessors of what is today JPMorgan Chase.

In 1979, George W. Connell, who spent more than 25 years with J.P. Morgan & Co. and later as Principal of Drexel & Company, (originally founded by Anthony Drexel’s father) left Drexel to create the firm now known as The Haverford Trust Company.

Mr. Connell later established the Drexel Morgan & Co. name for his bank holding company.

Drexel Morgan & Co. is a registered investment adviser and bank holding company. We believe above average returns can be achieved by purchasing large capitalization, dividend-paying, primarily A+ rated stocks with excellent balance sheets and consistent growth in earnings.

The Legacy PortfolioTM is our core product representing a considerable percentage of Drexel Morgan & Co.’s assets under management. The investment philosophy behind The Legacy Portfolio has been in existence for over 50 years.