John A. Fry

President, Drexel University

George W. Connell

President, Drexel Morgan &  Co

John F. McGill, Jr.

Director, DNB First

Bruce A. Rosenfield, Esq.

Partner, Schnader Harrisson Segal & Lewis LLP

Advisory Board

J. William Knot

Private Investor

Lynda M. Mc Feeley

Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Drexel Morgan & Co

Henry B. Smith

Director & Co-Chief Investment Officer, The Haverford Trust Company

Paul S. Rovner

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Drexel Morgan & Co.

Nancy Kneeland


For further infomation regarding Drexel Morgan & Co., please contact Lynda McFeeley at 484-254-4306 or